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Why AI/ML is top of mind with corporate executives

Posted 2 years ago

Early adopters embrace AI/ML
nOnly early adopter corporate executives with a better than average understanding of the AI/ML cognitive processes have whole heartedly embraced AI/ML implementation across the enterprise. The majority of the rest of corporate executives are evaluating AI/ML in baby steps measuring risk vs. return. Following those executives and measuring AI/ML concerns and prospective adoption are top data analyst organizations like Deloitte, McKinsey, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Forrester and IDC. Surveys have shown that during early stages of AI/ML development, there was a rush to implement across the whole enterprise.Recently, adoption has slowed with executives beginning AI/ML pilots in predictable successful segments of their operations. As AI/ML products and services are developed the industry predicts at least 73% of corporate executives will implement some form of AI/ML not to eliminate people but to more effectively reposition them and fill gaps in a cost-effective manner. Retraining not only keeps the employee loyal and growing within the company but fills a position desperately needed that has been hard to fill with less cost.

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