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DigiSchools by AmazeOne

Posted 1 year ago

DigiSchools School Community Platform is the most affordable, totally comprehensive, modular cloud-based Educational System that runs on Windows Desktop, Windows Laptop and (IOS & Android) mobile devices. All Digi products including DigiSchools are hosted on Microsoft Azure in highly secured data centers in New York and California with a simple, intuitive dashboard offering minimal click navigation. Although there many school management platforms available including Google and Microsoft, DigiSchools is the most affordable and comprehensive School Community & Communication Platform I have seen with a full 360? institutional view through a single pain of glass including 1) Administration Management, 2) Teacher and Faculty Participation, 3) Parents Interaction and 4) Student Education & Activities.

Administration &
Staff Management

Teacher & Faculty
Digital Instruction

Parents & Student
Teacher Guidance

Student Digital
Lessons & Assignment

Class Curriclua &
Lesson Plans

Attendance &
Behavior Tracking

Grades &
Report Cards

Process & Accounting

  • Manage your complete admission, accounting and billing processes from the beginning with digital online enrollment, class scheduling and payment of fees simply and intuitively.
  • Streamline your full administration of one school branch to an entire school district to save time and overhead costs enabling more dollars spent on education.
  • Free simple integration professional services with existing financial systems and other systems already in place.
  • Improve teacher to student and parent, parent to teacher and student to teacher communication through mobile applications and desk and laptop platforms.
  • Disseminate digital assignments, tests and grades easily allowing each student to learn digitally at his or her own pace with direction and supervision.
  • 360? view for all educationally processes at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

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