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“You are a Target!" Cybersecurity with Dr. Eric Cole / Dialedin EX

by Robin Austin - Posted 2 months ago

Today, almost every function of our life requires access to the digital ecosystem and by default, cyberspace. Being safe as we all know is a very lofty goal. How do we know systems are secure? The hacker easily breaks into systems on demand which means the only way to know systems are secure is by attempting to break into them as well.    Any system that has functionality and connected will always have vulnerabilities so, there will always be a need for experts in cybersecurity. Why is it then, budgets in security are cut and security people lose their jobs?   Dr. Cole believes there will always be a demand for cybersecurity professionals, and you as a cybersecurity professional can make a difference just about anywhere. Managing your own career may require a leap of faith; to have the confidence to proactively take hold of your own career.   Trust your instincts to determine your career path. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” Watch and listen to Eric passionately impart creative cybersecurity tidbits. Read More @ElevateIT