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How AI/ML is helping to eradicate poverty

Outside the US, the definition of poverty is income of $1.50 a day or less per individual. In the United States the...

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Hoe AI en ML criminaliteit kunnen voorspellen - en bestrijden

AI/ML wordt in de misdaadbestrijding al jaren gebruikt voor het vaststellen van de identiteit van de daders, de...

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Can crime be predicted with AI/ML?

For many years, AI/ML has been used to establish the identity of perpetrators, the perpetrators’ whereabouts at...

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The invention of voice recognition, this century’s phenomenon

DARPA’s RATS programnRecent documents from DARPA show that they are in the third phase of their already initiated...

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Are tech/business evangelists necessary to ensure your company stays relevant?

Technology/business evangelist is a fairly new position in many companies, but an absolutely necessary one and well...

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