Jeanette Wayne

Jeanette Wayne

Company: TDS
Title: CIO, Technical Diagnostic Services

Jeanette Wayne serves as vice president of process and infrastructure at TDS Calvert Street Capital Partners company. Over the last decade she's led five companies through re-engineering and digitalization, driving operational improvement, process optimization and cost control:

  • Reduced time to market by 67% through deal cycle and contract management improvements

  • Shortened the recruiting cycle by 35% and the on-boarding cycle by 50% for a staffing firm

  • Improved profitability 32% through operational improvement and cost control

She’s described by her peers as: Fearless, Persistent, Collaborative and REALLY SHORT. Jeanette’s unique skills and work experience enable her to successfully envision, plan, develop, deploy and sustain meaningful shange. She’s here today to share her experience and facilitate conversation among this group.