Nick James

Nick James

Company: Web3 Texas
Title: Founder
I've spent last decade and a half of my career focused on securing Web2, in an industry called, cyber security. 

I'm now here in Web3 and I see history repeating itself.

Lack of education, lack of infra, lack of public utilities (not NFT utility), etc. are leading us down the wrong path. So, I am a bit worried.

I personally had a bit of a rocky entrance myself.

Participating in Web3 shouldn't be this hard, confusing or risky.

Fueled by my tumultuous entrance, I have made it my mission to make on-boarding to Web3 easier for all.

I truly believe that foundational education will precede any meaningful levels of adoption.

We will solve for it with Web3 Texas and eventually, across the globe with Web3 Earth.

If you are interested in our adventure, I encourage you to message me.